Thank You For Your Support!

As you may know, after the November 2, 2021 election, the Orchard Park Town Board increased in size from two councilpersons to four councilpersons. Including the Town Supervisor, the board now consists of five members.

The citizens of Orchard Park have spoken. Reducing the size of the town board was a failed experiment. A successful representative democracy requires sufficient representation to ensure the needs of all residents are considered. More representatives allow for more occasions to interact with their constituents. This, in turn, means more opinions, more discussion, and ultimately the opportunity to present better solutions to the issues facing our beautiful town.

The results of this election reinforced the voters’ belief that the town is on the right path. The Orchard Park Republican platform is (and has always been) …

  • Holding the line on property taxes
  • Continuing to provide superior levels of services to town residents
  • Intelligently managing residential growth
  • Promoting small businesses, shops, and restaurants
  • Ensuring that you and all Orchard Park residents continue to enjoy the extraordinary quality of life that you have come to expect as a citizen of Western New York’s finest town and village

Town government is the purest form of government. Your representatives live where you live. They share your concerns about snow plowing and brush pick-up. They share your worries about public safety. Like you, they also want to see everyone in Orchard Park succeed.

Orchard Park’s long-term success can be attributed to a number of factors …

  • Generous, caring, and genuinely friendly people
  • Community pride
  • The belief that more local businesses mean more local jobs, more visitors and tourists, and a robust local economy that benefits everyone in town
  • A long history of safe streets and neighborhoods
  • A beautiful geography
  • Extraordinary schools
  • Concerned and involved police and fire departments
  • Dedicated public employees
  • Multiple faiths coexisting and working together
  • Diverse, enthusiastic, community-minded business owners
  • Public servants that are elected because they reflect the values and ideals of their constituents

I humbly ask for your continued financial support so we can maintain Orchard Park’s position as the best place to live in the United States.

Thank you for your support.


Joseph C. Liberti
Orchard Park Town Councilman