Joseph Liberti

For Orchard Park Town Council

Orchard Park native Joe Liberti is the Senior HR Manager of a global medical device manufacturing firm. Expertly familiar with the workings of town government, he was recently the bipartisan choice for Deputy Supervisor by the Town Board. Joe has served on both the Town’s Planning and Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals. Joe and Dawn Liberti have three young adult children with whom he gained experience in coaching Little League Baseball and Soccer.

My Credentials …

  • Endorsed Republican and Conservative Candidate
  • Fifteen Years on the Zoning Board, Chaired Six of them
  • Two Years on the Planning Board
  • Currently Your Deputy Supervisor, Bi-Partisan Choice

Where I Stand …

  • Manage growth to slow residential sprawl and promote more restaurants, shops, and small businesses
  • Invest in public spaces to enjoy
  • Hold the line on taxes
  • Preserve the unique qualities that make OP special and attractive

Please vote for me on November 2, 2021

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